All of our products and tools are consciously selected

to be natural, cruelty-free and infused with high vibration.


We combine sound healing instruments, high-vibe stones  and crystals and massage techniques to treat you as a whole providing a deep healing experience leaving you feeling more aligned, relaxed and renewed.


Menu and pricing listed below



This deeply relaxing treatment is customized to suit all skin types. Each product is chosen to target your specific skin needs. Includes a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, efflourage facial massage with  lymphatic drainage + a personally crafted herbal mask. 

60 mins ($125)


The twins will be taking you on a magical sound journey using Powerful Angel Aura Quartz Chalice to open and awaken the Heart chakra whilst also receiving the full facial experience. We will begin with a short, guided meditation followed by High vibe sound waves throughout the experience to promote a deep meditative like state, alchemizing your emotional frequency to higher love and bliss. As you embark on this potent sound medicine journey, you will experience a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, rose quartz massage and fruitful blend enzyme mask to reveal your inner luminosity.  This therapy is designed to treat one as a whole to promote feelings of Love, compassion and bliss so you can glow from the inside, out!

80 mins ($350 or 3 Sessions for $925)



10% TCA peel (blend of exfoliating acids) is applied to target deeper layers of the skin, promoting cell renewal to diminish the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles, post acne scarring + inflammation. The skin is prepared with a double cleanse + skin brightening lemon enzyme. Potent blend of antioxidant + peptide elixir is applied under  our cooling Hydrojelly mask. A jade stone roller is used over the mask  to drive ingredients deep into the skin for maximum product absorption.

This is the ultimate resurfacing treatment for acne prone + congested skin.

For best results, a series of 3-6 treatments is recommended.

75 minutes ($175 per session or 3 sessions for $425)



This treatment focuses on toning, plumping and increasing collagen production with muscle + blood stimulation techniques.

High frequency is a gentle electrical current that promotes cell renewal, boosts collagen and assists with production penetration, encouraging absorption by gently warming the tissues of the skin. Post high frequency, a wild-crafted hydrating mask is applied to the skin to provide the ultimate moisture bomb leaving you feeling bright, toned and hydrated. During this deeply nourishing treatment you will also experience a thorough cleanse, gentle enzymatic exfoliation, Gua Sha massage and sound healing to cleanse your Auric field.


75 minutes ($200)



This facial is designed to give your skin a deep clean by using Eastern Medical massage and sculpting modalities such as acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques that stimulate blood flow to flush out toxins, remove impurities, sculpt and tone.  The topical portion of this treatment includes a purifying facial scrub, blended fruit enzyme peel, and a clay mask infused with a synergistic range of clarifying essential oils for polished, supple skin.

Extractions included if necessary.

75 mins ($135)



Semi-permanent, lasts 6-8 weeks



75 minutes ($95)



This a an elevated lashing experience. During the perming process, you will transcend into bliss using aroma therapy customizable to your preference, sound healing instruments and a neck + shoulder massage for ultimate relaxation.


Semi-permanent, lasts 6-8 weeks



75 minutes ($125)




Extractions ($10)

Hdyrojelly mask ($20)

Lash tint ($15)

Beard treatment ($20)

Hand treatment ($20)

Hand massage ($10)

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