We are twin sisters who offer holistic

treatments to nurture the mind, body and soul.

 This idea of combining energy healing with facials began with our own healing journeys. After both suffering from anxiety from past traumas, we decided to seek spiritual guidance for help. As we were practicing esthetics and growing our business, we began diving deep into healing our feminine by establishing daily sacred self care rituals, practicing mindful meditation and energy healing. From this we cultivated a healthier state of wellbeing. Major shifts and blessings were witnessed in our personal lives and within ourselves as we connected deeper to the Divine Source and to our physical bodies.  We came to realize that nurturing the soul is as important (or more) than simply treating the skin. We want to offer our clients with the same gift of transformation. We felt a deep calling to level up our practices by merging esthetics with energy medicine to treat our clients as a whole- mind, body, and spirit.




Healthy skin begins within. When we are stressed,

over-worked, tired + anxious, our bodies respond by over-producing

cortisol and accumulating toxins that contribute to premature aging, inflammation, acne + poor blood circulation.


        On the contrary, if we are emotionally + energetically

balanced, our physical bodies will manifest as luminous,

youthful + radiant.

             Self care is the best gift you can give to yourself

and your relationship to others, for you cannot give from a

cup that is empty.  We are here creating a safe container to bring

you home and reconnect you with your body through

sacred self-care practices.


Our purpose is to fill your cup.


 We are all just walking each other home. 

                                       - Ram Dass

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